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Centring Human Rights in AI Global Governance

Technology and Human Rights


Learn more about why the UN High-Level Advisory Body on AI must consider human rights as a central component of the global governance of AI.

AI Risks

AI has the potential to improve our lives in meaningful ways. However, if it is not developed and deployed safely, it can also threaten human rights.

In particular, the Australian Human Rights Commission (Commission) notes several high-level human rights issues AI poses. 

In particular, this submission raises the following human rights risks:

  • The right to privacy
  • AI interoperability
  • Automation bias
  • Algorithmic bias.

Global Governance

Any response to global AI regulation must centre around human rights to ensure that AI is ethical and appropriately regulated to ensure safety for all people. 

To learn more about the Commission's recommendations to the UN High-Level Advisory Body on AI, read the submission in full by clicking the above download button.