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Foreign Interference through Social Media

Technology and Human Rights

Senate Select Committee on Foreign Interference through Social Media


Learn how foreign actors use social media to interfere with Australia's national interest and human rights.

The Commission's submission was made to the Senate Select Committee on Foreign Interference through Social Media which has since released its Final Report

Of the Commission's nine recommendations, eight were adopted in full or in part. Only recommendation seven of the submission was not adopted in some form. 

Social Media: A Tool for Foreign Interference 

Social media is quickly becoming the weapon of choice for foreign actors seeking to unduly influence Australia. With the rise of new technologies, disinformation campaigns, privacy concerns and censorship more must be done to protect Australia in the digital age.

The Commission seeks to mitigate these risks by recommending the:

  • Creation of a task force dedicated to preventing and combating online foreign interference 
  • Introduction of a public digital literacy campaign 
  • Requirement that social media must improve transparency mechanisms.

To learn more about how Australia can protect its national interest and safeguard human rights, read the Commission's submission by clicking on the above download button.