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The Need for Human Rights-centred AI

Technology and Human Rights


Learn more about ethical AI and why Australia must protect human rights from the possible harms of AI.

Ethical AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) can have profoundly positive impacts as technology improves our lives in amazing ways. However, there can be severe consequences for human rights without AI safeguards and human oversight.

This submission to the Department of Industry, Science and Resources in response to the Supporting Responsible AI: Discussion Paper outlines the Commission's position on AI and how it can be developed ethically to protect human rights.

Risks of AI

In particular, this submission focuses on several risks associated with AI such as:

  • Privacy
  • Neurotechnology
  • Automation bias
  • Metaverse
  • Chatbots
  • Misinformation and disinformation
  • Algorthmic bias
  • and more.

To learn more about the Commission's position on ethical AI, and how it must be developed to protect human rights - click on the above download button to read our submission.