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Living Spirit - Muslim Women's Project 2006: Overview

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Muslim Women’s Project 2006

A dialogue on human rights and responsibilities

The Living Spirit project engaged Australian Muslim women in a dialogue about human rights and responsibilities.

The project drew on the findings of the Commission’s Ismaﻉ Report, which found that the impact of racial and religious discrimination against Arab and Muslim Australians is most acutely felt by women, especially Muslim women wearing the hijab or other forms of religious dress.

The project aimed to build greater understanding among Muslim women about human rights principles and avenues for promoting racial, religious, and cultural and gender equality in Australia. It also highlighted existing legal protections against discrimination and vilification.

A key goal of the project was identifying strategies to support individuals and communities to respond to discrimination and vilification, in particular racial and religious discrimination and vilification.

The Living Spirit project was funded by the federal Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

The enclosed project report sets out the aims, details of the forum, and issues and strategies identified during the project.

As part of the project, the Commission conducted a national audit of initiatives aimed at addressing discrimination and prejudice against Muslim women in Australia.

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