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National Inquiry into Children in Immigration Detention 2014

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Submission Process

The submissions process has now closed. However the inquiry is still receiving late submissions from persons and organisations who have been granted an extension.


With the release of the inquiry discussion paper, the President of the Australian Human Rights Commission invites individuals and organisations to make submissions that address the inquiry terms of reference. This inquiry is focused on closed detention facilities and the impact of detention on children under 18 years. The scope of the inquiry does not extend to community detention.

The President encourages submissions from:

  • people who live or have lived in immigration detention facilities as children under the age of 18 years
  • parents, carers and guardians of children who live or have lived in immigration detention, and
  • professionals who have experience and knowledge about the impact of immigration detention on children (including medical, legal and education practitioners and experts in human rights and refugee law).

You can make your submission in any language. If it is not in English, we will be able to translate it.

The information from your submission may be used in the inquiry report. The Commission may also use information from your submission for other purposes related to children in immigration detention matters.

Submissions will be published on the inquiry website at the Commission’s discretion.

If you wish to make an anonymous submission but have your submission published, there is an option below to keep your name confidential. If you choose for your whole submission to be confidential, it will not be published on the inquiry website. However, excerpts from confidential submissions may be used in the inquiry report with your consent.

How to make a submission

There are a number of ways you can make a submission.


You can make your submission online through this webpage by:

  1. Completing the ‘Your details’ section below
  2. Attaching your own document, video, drawing, voice recording or photograph using the ‘upload’ button, and/or typing responses under the headings below
  3. When you are finished, pressing ‘submit’ at the bottom of the page.

By post

You can download and fill out this submission form,  and/or you can send your own document, video, picture, voice recording or photograph with this cover sheet to:

National Inquiry into Children in Immigration Detention 2014
Australian Human Rights Commission
GPO Box 5218
Sydney NSW 2001

By phone

If none of the above options are available to you, you can make your submission by phone by calling (+61)(2) 9284 9719 during office hours.