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National Inquiry into Disability and Employment: Submissions - round 2

National Inquiry into Disability and Employment: Submissions - round 2

This page lists submissions made to the Australian Human Rights Commission's National Inquiry on equal employment opportunity and participation for people with disabilities following the release of the Inquiry's Interim Report, and provides links to those submissions which have been provided electronically and on which no restriction on publication has been requested by the authors.

Submissions received prior to the Inquiry's interim report are also available.

Wordprocessor format files have been zipped (compressed) to provide smaller file sizes for downloading, but files are otherwise in the formats provided by their authors. The Commission does not take responsibility for the form or content of any submission.

This page will be updated as further submissions, and electronic versions of existing submissions, are received. Last updated 12 October 2005

134 B.Woodhouse-Young (MS Word)
134A B.Woodhouse-Young (MS Word)
135 M.Pickersgill (MS Word)
136 Arts Access Australia (MS Word)
137 L.Bewley
138 The Spastic Centre
139 Australian National Organisation of the Unemployed (MS Word)
141 Blind Citizens Australia (MS Word)
142 Disability Council of NSW (MS Word)
143 Australian Industry Group (MS Word)
144 Australians for Diversity Employment (MS Word)
145 Department of Human Services (Cth) (MS Word)
146 Centacare (MS Word)
147 Vision Australia (MS Word)
148 Sydney Soutwest Area Mental Health Service (MS Word)
149 Holmesglen TAFE (MS Word)
150 Good Samaritan Industries (MS Word)
151 South Australian Office of Public Employment (MS Word)
152 National Ethnic Disability Alliance (MS Word)

153 People With Disability Australia (MS Word)
154 Recruitment and Consulting Services Association (PDF)
155 Australian Federation of Deaf Societies (RTF)
156. ACE (MS Word)
157. Name withheld (MS Word)
158. Fairfield Access Committee (MS Word)
159. Intellectual Disability Rights Service (MS Word)
160. City of Melbourne Disability Advisory Committee (MS Word)
161. Macquarie Customised Accessibility Services (MS Word)
162. Mental Health Council of Australia
(PDF files zipped 208KB)