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Native Title Report 2011: Appendix 1: Acknowledgments

Native Title Report 2011

Appendix 1: Acknowledgments

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The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner thanks
the following people and organisations for their assistance in preparing the Native Title Report 2011.

Louise Anderson, Deputy Registrar Federal Court of Australia Registry
Maryse Aranda, Principal Legal Officer South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council
Valerie Cooms, Director Quandamooka Yoolooburrabee Aboriginal Corporation
John T Kris, Chairperson Torres Strait Regional Authority
Michael Meeghan, Principal Legal Officer Yamatji Marlpa Aboriginal Corporation
Graeme Neate, President National Native Title Tribunal
Ian Rawlings, CEO Central Desert Native Title Services Ltd
Kevin Smith, CEO Queensland South Native Title Services
Sally Smith, Project Manager Right People for Country Project
Stephen Sparkes

Manager Legal, Research and Library Services
National Native Title Tribunal
Attorney General’s Department

Native Title Unit, Social Inclusion
Cape York Land Council
Central Land Council
Department of Families, Housing, Community

Services and Indigenous

Native Title and Leadership Branch
Native Title Services Victoria Ltd
Queensland Government

Department of Finance, Natural Resources and The
Right People for Country Project Committee