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Community Partnerships for Human Rights: What projects are we doing?

Community Partnerships for Human Rights

Working with and for Muslim communities

2007 - 2010

In 2006 the Ministerial Council on Immigration and Multicultural Affairs endorsed the National Action Plan to Build on Social Cohesion, Harmony and Security. As part of the National Action Plan, the Commission was one of seven Commonwealth agencies funded to undertake a range of projects.

To deliver these projects, we established the Community Partnerships for Human Rights (CPHR) program. The program aimed to increase social inclusion and to counter discrimination and intolerance towards Muslim Australian communities.

The Australian Human Rights Commission's CPHR program aims to increase social inclusion and counter discrimination and intolerance towards Australia’s Muslim communities. It includes eight projects, which focus on a range of areas, including research, education, community participation and resource development.

Each project was guided by extensive research, evidence and recommendations from previous studies and reports, including the Commission’s projects Ismaع and Unlocking Doors (2007).

We developed and delivered these projects in consultation with Muslim communities, and in partnership with peak bodies and other groups, to make sure they were relevant and effective.

The projects ran at different stages between 2007 and 2010.

The Commission is also undertaking several other projects related to race and cultural diversity:

Evaluating the program

The CPHR program has been evaluated extensively.

The evaluation assessed the value and satisfaction of our partnership and community-centred approach. It also recorded the activity and outcomes or effects of the program for community and government stakeholders and our project partners.

Regular evaluation helps to ensure that there is consistency, rigour and validity to our approach. It also helps us to identify new approaches and policy initiatives that can benefit Muslim communities and promote human rights.