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Employment page



Employment page

Page last updated: 5 April 2012

The Disability Discrimination Act makes it unlawful to discriminate against people with disabilities in employment, including recruitment, terms and conditions of employment, and dismissal or termination.

This page is intended to provide a convenient entry point for  resources on equal employment opportunity and disability which exist in various areas of the Commission s site, as well as links to resources from other organisations. Let us know if you are aware of other resources which should be referred to here or if there are materials on employment you would like to see available. See also the Commission s employers page dealing with other grounds of employment discrimination such as sex and race discrimination.


Inquiry on employment and disability

National inquiry on employment and disability: index page (Links to Inquiry Report and other documents)

National Strategy on employment and disability

Brief guide on employment and the DDA

Our factsheet series on the DDA includes a brief guide on employment . More detailed materials and resources are available from links below on this page.

More detailed questions and answers on the DDA

Extensive guidance and advice on the DDA is available in the Commission's Guidance and information notes on employment.

Practical solutions and advice

Complaint decisions


Other Commission resources

Resources from State and Territory equal opportunity bodies

Inquiries and reviews

Other resources







Employment statistics

NSW public sector employment statistics

Australian Bureau of Statistics 1998 article on employment outcomes and disability

Australian Public Service State of Service Report 2003-4 chapter on disability


Economics and people with disabilities Centre for an Accessible Society

ADA insights: evaluation of ADA implementation