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Same-Sex: Same Entitlements Report : Acknowledgements

Same-Sex: Same Entitlements Report


President: The Hon John von Doussa QC

Human Rights Commissioner: Graeme Innes AM

The Inquiry Team: Vanessa Lesnie, Kate Temby, Susan Newell, Samantha Edmonds, Kate Fitzgerald, Emily Gray, Frances Simmons, Alessandra Krilis, Jemma Hollonds, Avril Cox

Legal: Susan Roberts, Jonathon Hunyor, Christine Fougere,\ Saima Bangash, Brook Hely, Katie Ellinson, Alex Newton, Natasha Case, Allison Corkery

Consultants: Professor Terry Carney, Professor Jenni Millbank, Associate Professor Miranda Stewart

Media: Paul Oliver, Louise McDermott, Janine MacDonald

Website: Leon Wild, Connie Chung, Gina Sanna

The Inquiry team would also like to thank the many other staff members in the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC) who helped the team from launch until publication.

HREOC also thanks all those organisations who helped the Inquiry conduct hearings and forums around Australia.

Most importantly, HREOC thanks the many hundreds of people around Australia who wrote submissions, testified at public hearings and told their stories at community forums.