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Valuing Parenthood - Consultations

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Valuing Parenthood - Options for Paid Parental Leave: Interim Paper 2002


Association of Superannuation Funds Australian

Phillipa Smith

Michaela Anderson

Ross Clare

Attorney General's Department

Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Reg Hamilton

Peter Anderson

Australian Council of Trade Unions

Sharan Burrow

Australian Industry Group

Heather Ridout

Australian Liquor Hospitality and Miscellaneous Workers Union

Jeff Lawrence

Joanne Schofield

Australian National University

Bob Gregory

Australian National University

Peter McDonald

Australian Retail Association

Phil Naylor

Australian Services Union

Sally McManus

Business Council of Australia

Judy Tyres

Catholic Commission for Employment Relations

John Ryan

Philip MacMillan

Commonwealth Office of the Status of Women

Community & Public Sector Union

Wendy Caird

Council of Small Business Associations of Australia

Rob Bastian

Department of Employment & Workplace Relations

Department of Family and Community Services

Employers' First

Garry Brack

Jill Alan

Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency

Fiona Krautil

Finance Sector Union

Tony Beck

Susan Kenna

Independent Consultant

Cathy Sherry

NSW Department for Women

Office of the Employment Advocate

Jonathon Hamberger

Private Hospitals Industrial Association

Michael Roff

RMIT University

Belinda Probert

Shop Distributive and Allied Employees Union

Joe Debruyn

Ian Blanthall

Therese Bryant

University of Sydney

Deborah Brennan

University of Sydney

Marian Baird

Women's Action Alliance (Australia) Inc