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RDA@40 Conference 2015 - 40 years of the Racial Discrimination Act

Race Discrimination
40 years of the Racial Discrimination Act - RDA @40 Conference. Sydney 19-20 February 2015

The year 2015 marks the 40th anniversary of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 (Cth), Australia’s first federal human rights and anti-discrimination legislation.

What is the historical background to the Racial Discrimination Act, and how has it evolved?

What has been achieved since its introduction?

What is the ongoing role of the Racial Discrimination Act in addressing racism?

What outcomes have been achieved under the Racial Discrimination Act through conciliation and litigation?

The Australian Human Rights Commission held a conference in Sydney on 19th-20th February 2015 that explored these issues over the two days.

Speakers included:

Peter Cosgrove Marcia Langton George Williams
Sir Peter Cosgrove AK,MC Professor Marcia Langton Professor George Williams AO


  • Professor Jon Altman
  • Dr Peter Balint
  • Dr Shelley Bielefeld
  • Professor Hilary Charlesworth
  • Professor Kevin Dunn
  • Kate Eastman SC
  • Associate Professor Beth Gaze
  • Professor Kath Gelber
  • Mike Harte
  • Jonathon Hunyor
  • Professor Duncan Ivison
  • Professor Andrew Jakubowicz
  • Professor Sarah Joseph
  • Dr Megan Davis
  • Associate Professor Geoffrey Levey
  • Professor Gail Mason
  • Professor Luke McNamara
  • Sarah Pritchard SC
  • Tracey Raymond
  • Professor Simon Rice OAM
  • Associate Professor David Rolph
  • Professor Adrienne Stone
  • Dr Gwenda Tavan
  • Mariam Veiszadeh
  • Peter Wertheim AM