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RightsEd curriculum resources - Race

Race Discrimination
Students holding Student Action for Aborigines banner

The Australian Human Rights Commission has developed new RightsEd resources to assist students to gain a critical understanding of human rights and responsibilities.

RightsEd resources are mapped to the national curriculum and include interactive activities, worksheets and assessment tasks.
The resources focusing on racism and race relations include:

History Year 6: Australia as a nation – race, rights and immigration

This unit focuses on Australia’s development as a nation from 1900 in terms of the experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians, migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

Through this unit, students will develop an understanding of the history and impact of racism and discrimination, learn about the lives of ethnic and cultural minorities and their contribution to Australia’s changing identity, and develop knowledge about human rights and responsibilities, particularly in the area of racial discrimination.

The unit is in two parts, with the first exploring basic human rights and obligations, and the second focusing on the stories and experiences of migrants and ethnic minorities in Australia.

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History Year 10: The Globalising World: Changing policies and Australian identity

This unit investigates migration to Australia from 1945, with a particular focus on the impact of changing immigration policies on Australian society.

Through this unit, students investigate how racist attitudes in the past shaped historical events and developments and analyse how efforts to combat racism have positively contributed to Australia’s identity.

The two primary themes in this unit are the impacts of immigration and the development of multiculturalism.

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HPE Years 5-6: Take a stand against racism

This unit allows students to explore the nature of racism and its impact on people from diverse backgrounds, particularly children and young people. The unit enables students to consider the contribution of cultural diversity to Australian society and equip them to respond safely to racism in their community.

The overall message of this unit is that we are never too young to take a stand against bullying and harassment, with activities designed to empower students to take action against racism.

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HPE Years 9-10: Tackling racism in Australia

This unit encourages students to develop an understanding of diversity, particularly in relation to people, groups and culture and to act with empathy, respect and trust.

Students also learn to identify racial discrimination, harassment and vilification as unlawful acts, and to understand the impact of discrimination on individuals, their family and friends, and the wider community.

The learning activities in this unit help students to appreciate diversity and take action against racism.

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