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RightsED: Child Rights - Resource sheet: Human rights images

Child rights


Resource sheet: Human rights images

The following images are a visual representation of various human rights.
Some images may be associated with more than one right. Key rights that may be
associated with images are equality, right to vote, nationality, identity,
freedom from persecution, labour rights, freedom of speech, leisure,
participation, education, shelter.

Pictures cards can be copied for educational purposes and cut as cards for
distribution. Photo images are by Amanda Lim (2003 Human Rights Photography
Competition), cartoon images are from Shutterstock Photos ( and drawings
are by Adam Hill

Family - Drawing by Adam Hill Justice cartoon image from Shutterstock
Children cake image by Amanda Lim Family image by Adam Hill


Resource sheet: Human rights images

Voting cartoon by Shutterstock Computer worker with turban drawing by Adam Hil
Family in library drawing by Adam Hill China and Tibet flags cartoon by Shutterstock

Resource sheet: Human rights images

Family in barbed wire cartoon by Shutterstock Strike cartoon by Shutterstock
Children in circle photo by Amanda Lim Gender or Womens Rights cartoon by Shutterstock