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Voices of Australia: Activity sheet 3 - rightsED

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Voices of Australia - Activity sheet 3

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Timeline response

Key words

Respect: deferential esteem felt or shown towards a person or quality.

Migration: to move from one place of abode to another, especially in a
different country.

Sacred: made holy by religious, spiritual or cultural association.

Ramadan: the ninth month of the Muslim year, during which strict fasting is
observed from dawn to sunset.

Dreamtime: in Aboriginal belief: a collection of events beyond living
memory that shaped the physical, spiritual and moral world.


Complete the following questions by referring to pages 11-18 in Voices of
Australia, History of change - timeline of Australia's race relations (
at: )

  1. Indonesia first began trading with Australia in what year?
  2. Find out what 'terra nullius' means
  3. Who was 'Pemulwoy'?
  4. What year was the first Jewish organisation formed in Australia?
  5. What is John Batman famous for?
  6. Why were Afghan camel drivers useful in 1860?
  7. How many convicts had been sent to Australia by 1868?
  8. When was the first mosque built in Australia, and where?
  9. Which event inspired large scale immigration to Australia from Europe and Asia
    before 1900?
  10. What year did Indigenous Australians become eligible to vote?
  11. In what year did Australia sign the International Convention on the
    Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination
  12. Which Prime Minister was responsible for dismantling the White Australia
  13. Use the chart below to record the years when different migrant groups arrived in
    Australia. (You can add extra dates from your own knowledge)


Arrived from

Reason for leaving

eg. 1788-1868


Sent as convicts




Refugees fleeing war in Ethiopia

  1. In 1987 a Royal Commission in to Aboriginal Deaths in Custody began. What was
    the purpose of this inquiry?
  2. What year was mandatory detention of asylum seekers introduced?
  3. Why was Mabo (1992) such an important case for Indigenous
  4. Use the chart below, the timeline, and your own knowledge, to show the positive
    and negative stories about race relations in Australia during the last 10 years.