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Voices of Australia: Activity sheet 7 - rightsED

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Voices of Australia - Activity sheet 7

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Write a poem to demonstrate your own experience of Australia. An example is shown

Don Dale Boys Hip Hop

In and out, in and out always stuck in Don Dale
Always been in Darwin, never seen my land
Have to see the world and stop wasting my time
Always in here for doing the crime.
We have to get back to that great big school
We need to get ourselves some qualifications and edification
We have to get out and get ourselves a job and
Get on with our lives in the big wide world.
Wanna put my effort into my community
Cleaning up the place instead of sitting under trees
Me and my mates working for some monies
So we can travel our big land and go overseas.
Represent our country
Live and die in NT
Represent our homeland
From the tableland to the sea
We have been here from the start
This land is in our heart.
45,000 years
We been full of fears
Now it's time to hear our voice
We are the youth
And we are bullet proof.
It ain't about black and white
It's just about doin' right.

Submitted as part of a Voices of Australia writing workshop by students
(ages 12-17 years) at the Don Dale Education Unit, Darwin, NT.

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