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Young people in the workplace: Activity sheet 6 - rightsED

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Young people in the workplace - Activity sheet 6

Difference and discrimination

The DVD/script has focused on the workplace. But human rights
situations involving identity and difference' can occur anywhere.
There may be situations in your own life at the moment - at
school, in a sporting team, at a social club, or with your
friends - where you see that identity or difference is dealt with

Difference' is about different ways of thinking, being,
acting, looking, etc. It is not just about gender, race,
ethnicity, age, physical appearance or disability. We each vary
in the way we see the world and how we act in relation to it. We
can choose how to respond to difference. We can reject,
acknowledge, accept, understand, appreciate, value or embrace

We all deal with difference every day, often without thinking
about it. We do think about it, though, if difference results in
conflict, tension, a clash of views, or if we feel we might be
disadvantaged by it.

For more information on discrimination and harassment you can
go to:

  • a school counsellor for professional support
  • a workplace colleague that you trust
  • the Australian Human Rights Commission
  • your state or territory equal opportunity commission or

Use the grid below to note situations in your life which
involve dealing with difference.






Are you aware of difference' in these situations?





Is this difference discriminated against in any way?





Can you suggest strategies which would help the





Are there people who you could talk to about the





Are there people you could go to for legal or
professional advice about the situation?