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Young people in the workplace: Activity sheet - rightsED

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Young people in the workplace - Activity sheet

Position cards


I want to work in this area.

I want to be a good employee, and get the best experience
and training possible.

I want to be an effective part of the group, but I want to
be treated equally and fairly.

I don't think I should have to put up with being


I want to be part of the group.

I don't want to be a dobber, but I hate the humiliation of
what is going on.

I am entitled to my cultural beliefs and practices, and
others should respect them.

Employer - Mr Robinson

I want a well-run and happy business.

The customer comes first; if the customers are unhappy,
they will not return. My business will go broke, and we
will lose our jobs. So we have to keep the customers

It costs lots of money to train people. I don't want to
spend money and time on people who will not make use of
that training for me.


It is important to have a good team spirit at work - so if
they can't take a bit of harmless joking, they won't be
part of the team, and they should get out.

People shouldn't claim special privileges or rights. We all
need to be treated equally. It is not equal if someone gets
things and others do not.

Supervisor - Len

I want an efficient workforce.

I know I need to ensure that all workers don't harass each
other as that makes for inefficiencies.


It is not right to pick on people for their race or their

It is also not right for the people who are the victims to
have to sort it all out for themselves.

It's up to the employers to make sure that the workplace is
fair and free from harassment.

Supervisor - Len - card 2

I am a fair person. I don't want to make an issue of
Kenny's race but the customers have complained.

I need to take note of complaints, but I also need to see
if there is any justification for those complaints.