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Let's talk about education

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This video is made for students in mid-late primary school and is accompanied by:

Education is more than filling your brain with important facts and equations – it’s the process of developing yourself, your ability to reason and make your own judgements, to empathise and socialise, and understand the world around you as well as your place in it.

Education is also a human right. Which means that everybody should have an education, and it’s the government’s responsibility to make sure this can happen. Without education, it is harder for people to participate in society or to live the kind of life they want.

We all have the right to a quality education, to help us reach our full potential, learn the skills for the job we want, help us figure out how to make things and find solutions to different problems. And that might look different for different people.

In what ways is education different for different people?

Not everyone has the same experience of a good education. Not all schools are the same. Not all kids and families are the same either. Not everyone learns in the same way.

Schools and communities need to think about ways to include all students so everyone can have a fair, fun and overall positive experience of getting an education!

Is education just about school?

No, education isn’t just about school – you can learn and grow in many ways outside of the classroom too: like travelling to new places, meeting different people, or even just watching a really great movie that makes you think.

That’s why it’s important that we all have access to the education that is right for each of us as individuals, so that everyone, no matter who they are, can live the life they want, reach their potential, and feel like they belong.

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