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Human Rights - and world globe

An Introduction to Human Rights

What are human rights all about? Here you will find a basic introduction to human rights. This section includes information on the different types of rights, how human rights have changed over time and why they are important to us today.

English Bill of Rights

A Brief Human Rights Timeline

Find out the history of human rights and freedoms and how they've evolved over time. 

UN logo

The International Human Rights System

To help ensure that people around the world are able to enjoy their human rights, the world’s nations have come together to create a series of international human rights treaties and other instruments. These form the international human rights system and you can found out more about it in this section.

chart of human rights problems in australia

Human Rights in Australia

Australia has a strong and proud record on human rights. However, that record is not perfect. Some people in Australia today are denied their basic rights, because of their colour, their race, their sex, a disability or some other aspect of who they are.
This section looks at some of the important human rights issues in Australia.

Children in a ring

What are children's rights?

Did you know that as a person under 18 you are entitled to specific rights as a young person?
Find out more about children’s rights and how they are protected internationally and in Australia.

Megan Mitchell, National Children's Commissioner

Meet the Commissioner

Meet Megan Mitchell, the National Children's Commissioner.

Commission President, Prof. Rosalind Croucher AM

The Australian Human Rights Commission

Explore this section to learn about the work and functions of the Australian Human Rights Commission.