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Disability Rights, Inclusion and Sport

Bringing Them Home (2017)

1981-86 Human Rights Commission education resources


New resource explains Australia’s democratic freedoms

Secondary teachers now have access to free online educational resources exploring Australia’s democratic freedoms, thanks to a unique partnership between education not-for-profit Cool Australia and the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC).

The launch of the Story of Our Rights and Freedoms curriculum unit coincides with the 70th anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the defining document for human rights in the modern age.

National Stolen Generations reparations scheme needed

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner June Oscar AO has called for a national reparations scheme for members of the Stolen Generations.

“It’s been heartening to see a number of reparations schemes in states and territories around the country, but a national scheme is vital to ensuring that members of the Stolen Generations have access to financial redress for the harm they have suffered.

“Next year will mark 10 years since the National Apology. Members of the Stolen Generations have waited long enough,” she said.

Australia's first diversity leadership program takes off

The Australian Human Rights Commission and the University Sydney Business School (USBS) have teamed-up to launch the country’s first Leadership Program on Cultural Diversity.

The pilot program, which was conducted in Sydney this week, is an executive education course designed to promote leadership on cultural diversity in business and government.

Disability discrimination at top of Commission complaints data

Discrimination on the grounds of disability is the most frequent concern for people who enquire about their human rights or who lodge complaints about breaches of those rights, according to new figures from the Australian Human Rights Commission.

The Commission President, Rosalind Croucher, said Australians with disability continue to experience unacceptably high levels of discrimination in their everyday lives.

Setting the record straight: Change the Course

Last week, the Australian Human Rights Commission released a landmark report on sexual assault and sexual harassment at Australian universities.

The Change the course report came after years of work by students groups, advocates and journalists to raise awareness of incidents occurring at Australia’s universities. Until now, what we lacked was the data to show the true nature and extent of the issue.

Photo competition - $600 prize up for grabs

The 2017 Human Rights Photography competition is now open to children and adults around the country, with a $600 prize up for grabs for the most outstanding image!

For almost a decade, the Australian Human Rights Commission has been holding photo competitions every couple of years. Our last competition attracted a record 450 entries.

Hanson's comments remind us we still have a long way to go

As Disability Discrimination Commissioner, it is my job to promote and protect the rights of people with disability. So when a person who has been elected to represent the concerns and aspirations of the Australian people uses the floor of Parliament to suggest that students with disability should be denied their right to inclusive education, put simply, it hurts.

Senator Hanson's comments in Parliament this week remind us that although as a nation we have come far in the advancement of the rights of people with disability, we still have a long way to go.