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Creating an accessible and inclusive induction

Disability Rights
A group of colleagues sitting around a table from various ethnicities and ages.  One man is sitting in a wheelchair.

Questions employers can and cannot ask...

As you prepare for a new employee to commence, it is helpful to revisit the following list of questions employers can and cannot ask, adapted from the JobAccess Interviewing People with Disability guide.[2]

  • Employers can
    • Ask questions about how the employee’s disability relates to doing the job and working safely
    • Ask how the employee thinks the workplace could be changed or improved to help them do the job
    • Ask about how work hours or rosters could be changed to help the employee perform better in the role
    • Ask questions about keeping the workplace safe for the employee and everyone else
    • Ask the employee whether they take any medications which might make it unsafe for them to perform any tasks involved in the job
    • Ask if there is any information or awareness training the employee would like provided to their colleagues about their disability
  • Employers cannot
    • Ask the employee personal questions about their lifestyle or how they manage their disability
    • Ask the employee general questions about their health or disability
    • Ask the employee how many times per year the employee goes to the doctor or what the doctor says to the employee in those appointments
    • Treat the employee differently or less favourably because they have a disability
    • Ask the employee whether they take lots of medication for their disability or illness
    • Tell others about the employee’s disability without asking the employee first