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It's About Time - Acknowledgements

It's About Time


The Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission would like to thank the following people:


Sarah Squire
Jo Tilly



Karen O'Connell



Sex Discrimination Commissioner

Pru Goward (on leave from November 2006)

John von Doussa QC (acting Sex Discrimination Commissioner from November 2006 - )


Sex and Age Discrimination Unit

Rocky Clifford (August 2006 - February 2007)
Anne Croudace (January 2006 - January 2007)
Penny Dordoy (May 2006 - )
Erin Fish (intern)
Melita Gizilis (February 2005 - March 2006)
Susan Gentle (July 2006 - )
Anne Mooney (intern)
Sally Moyle (until July 2006)
Natasha de Silva (until January 2006)
Frances Simmons (November 2006 - )



Julie O'Brien
Susan Roberts



Jodie Ball
Karen Toohey



Mark Joel


Public Affairs

Connie Chung
Louise McDermott
Paul Oliver
Leon Wild


This work is copyright. Apart from any use as permitted under the Copyright Act 1968, no part may be reproduced by any process without prior written permission from the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission. Requests and enquiries concerning reproduction, rights and content should be addressed to the:

Sex Discrimination Unit
Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission
GPO Box 5218
Sydney NSW 2001

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Echoes of Nation, Fatima Killeen ©

Cover design and layout
Jo Clark

Bloxham and Chambers Printers


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July 22, 2008