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AI Framework for Education

Technology and Human Rights


Learn more about how AI can be ethically introduced in schools to protect and promote human rights.

Artificial Intelligence can improve and enrich the learning environments for all students while easing the administrative burdens on teachers and the Australian school system more broadly. 

However, if the education system adopts AI into classrooms without the necessary safeguards and oversight mechanisms in place - the human rights of students, parents and teachers may be challenged. 

Reaching equilibrium

 Reaching an equilibrium between technological integration in learning spaces, while mitigating the harms of those same technologies is a difficult task. 

to assist the NSW Department of Education, the Technology and Human Rights portfolio has provided its recent submission on utilising ethical AI in the Australian education system - alongside a cover letter.

Our submission 

While the creation of an Australian Framework for Generative AI in Schools is a positive step forward, it will only be effective in achieving its goals when paried with substantive support at the individual school level.

Without necessary funding and training for schools staff, the Framework's impact will be curtailed.