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Multicultural businesswomen brainstorm cooperating at office meeting.
Sex Discrimination

Speaking from Experience Project

The Australian Human Rights Commission has launched Speaking from Experience, landmark project that centres the voices of people with lived experience in workplace sexual harassment reform.

Immigration detention centre in dusty field
Asylum Seekers and Refugees

Immigration detention and human rights

The human rights of people who are in immigration detention are of special concern to the Commission. Liberty is a fundamental human right, recognised in major human rights instruments to which Australia is a party.
Transfer of asylum seekers to third countries
Asylum Seekers and Refugees

Transfer of asylum seekers to third countries

Learn how the Australian government introduced third-country processing for asylum seekers who came to Australia by boat without a valid visa in 2012.

Immigration detention, asylum seekers and refugees

The Commission seeks to ensure that the human rights of all people held in immigration detention in Australia are protected. The Commission has focused its recent immigration detention work on the conditions and treatment of asylum seekers, refugees and children, because they have specific...
Rights and Freedoms

Prisoners Rights

Prisoners, just like all other people, are entitled to enjoy their human rights. Prisoners can make complaints to the Commission about human rights breaches and discrimination that occurs in prison.
Rights and Freedoms

Climate Change and Human Rights

Governments have traditionally approached climate change as an ecological problem, or more recently, as an economic one. So far, the social and human rights implications of climate change have not been widely recognised. The effects of climate change may threaten a broad range of internationally...
Logo: Children in Immigration Detention
Children's Rights

National Inquiry into Children in Immigration Detention

The Australian Human Rights Commission’s (then known as the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission) National Inquiry into Children in Immigration Detention was announced on 28 November 2001. The Inquiry was conducted throughout 2002. It received over 340 submissions and visited all...