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Acknowledgements - Effectively preventing and responding to sexual harassment: A Code of Practice for Employers (2008)

cover - Effectively preventing and responding to sexual harassment: A Code of Practice for Employers



Effectively preventing and responding to sexual harassment: A Code of Practice for Employers




The Australian Human Rights Commission would like to thank the following people:


Authors of previous editions
Meredith Osborne
Karen O’Connell



2008 edition contributors
Brook Hely
Somali Cerise
Jodie Ball



Sex Discrimination Commissioner and Commissioner responsible for Age Discrimination
Elizabeth Broderick



Director, Sex and Age Discrimination Unit
Cassandra Goldie



Sex and Age Discrimination Unit
Somali Cerise
Penny Dordoy
Elena Rosenman
Priya SaratChandran
Sarah Squire
Karen O’Connell



Public Affairs
Connie Chung
Paul Oliver
Brinsley Marley
Leon Wild


Desktop Design and layout
Jo Clark

Expert Commentators (on this and previous editions)
The following organisations and individuals provided comment on the various editions of the Code of Practice:

Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Australian Council of Trade Unions
Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department
Council of Small Business Organisations of Australia
Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations
Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency
NSW Working Women’s Centre
Workplace Practices Sub-Committee, Women Lawyers’ Association


The Australian Human Rights Commission produce are range of free, informative publications available in hard copy and electronic formats. Recent publications from the Sex and Age Discrimination Unit include:

  • Gender equality: What matters to Australian women and men The Listening Tour Community Guide)
  • Guide to the Sex Discrimination Act (Brochure)

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Dealing with discrimination and harassment

The Sex Discrimination Act protects individuals across Australia from discrimination on the basis of sex, marital status or pregnancy and, in relation to employment, family responsibilities. The Act also makes sexual harassment against the law.

For free advice on discrimination and your rights, or to make a complaint, call the Australian Human Rights Commission Complaints Information Line on 02 9284 9888, 1300 656 419 or TTY 1800 620 241

Information about making or responding to a complaint is available at You can also email us at