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RightsED: Tackling sexual harassment - Activity sheet: Character cards

Tackling sexual harassment


Activity sheet: Character cards

Character card 1

Character card 2

You are a strong character and are not worried by harassment or taunting. You
realise that the harassers are the weak and pathetic characters.


You have a strong group of friends who will support you in all ways.

Character card 3

Character card 4

You are a shy and self-conscious character. You are sensitive to being called
names, and need help to confront situations.


You are a popular person at school, and have a large network of friends who
are able to support you.

Character card 5

Character card 6

You have a strong group of friends, but you and your group are not the school
leaders. Your group is supportive.


You are very keen to do well at school, and any harassment or disturbance
could easily upset your academic performance.

Character card 7

Character card 8

You are a popular and outgoing person, a real leader whom others listen to and
follow readily.


You are a quiet person, but you are widely respected by all your peers. They
know you always act reasonably and fairly.

Character card 9

Character card 10

You are someone who enjoys being part of a group, and who needs the support
and help that a strong group can give.


You are not a naturally popular character. You have a small group of friends,
but you are fairly isolated and not seen as natural leaders by your peers.

Character card 11

Character card 12

You are an impulsive person who needs others to help give good advice in many
situations. You often tend to act first and think later.

You are someone whose natural impulse is to be a 'peacemaker', to avoid
trouble, even if it means accepting injustices. This means that you are often
unfairly treated by others.


Character card 13

Character card 14

You are lacking in confidence and self-esteem, and can easily feel worthless
and devastated if you are personally rejected or picked on.


You like to play the role of troublemaker. You say things to stir people up
and get a reaction. Finding solutions to problems is not one of your