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RightsED: Tackling sexual harassment - Activity sheet: DVD discussion guide

Tackling sexual harassment


Activity sheet: DVD discussion guide

Scene 1: In the school canteen

We see some students talking about things that have happened at the school.

List the different examples you see where people in the school interact in a way
that involves sexual behaviour (including acts, looks, spoken words or written
comments) that are revealed in this scene. Beside each, decide:

  • Which of these are unacceptable behaviour? Why?
  • Are any of these acceptable behaviour? Why


Example from the DVD




































Scene 2: The two friends

What do you think happened in this scene? Make some notes below.

What do Russ' friends say about her?


Is this sexual harassment?


How does the girl feel?


Why did the boys behave as they did?


Does it matter if it was just meant to be a joke and they didn't mean to hurt


How does Russ respond to his friends?


How does he feel?


What impact does harassment have on the individuals involved?


What impact does it have on the school environment?



Scene 3: Boys in the library

Look at how the boys treat each other. Make some notes about the scene below.

What does the group of boys say and do?


Is this sexual harassment?


What is the impact on Stuart?


What impact might it have on the other people involved?
Does Stuart respond effectively?


How else could he respond?


Who else in this scenario might respond differently?


What other things could be done to stop this situation happening?



Scene 4: In the classroom

Examine what happens between Alyce and David. Write your notes below.

What does David do and say? Is this sexual harassment?


How does Alyce feel?


What effect does it have on her?


Why does David behave as he does?


Do the students' friends have the right idea and approach and give good


Does the teacher?


What effects might it have on others?



Scene 5: Changing endings

Identify the different strategies for dealing with sexual harassment that are shown
in the four alternative endings to the classroom situation. A different strategy is
featured in each ending.

Alternative 1

Alternative 2

Alternative 3

Alternative 4