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Supporting Working Parents: Pregnancy and Return to Work National Review - women and men

Submission form for women and men who have experienced discrimination at work while pregnant, or while on or on return to work after taking parental leave


About the National Review

The Sex Discrimination Commissioner, on behalf of the Commission is currently conducting a national review on the prevalence, nature, and consequences of discrimination relating to pregnancy at work and on return to work after parental leave.

The Commission is interested in consulting all relevant stakeholders to ensure that the National Review gains in-depth understanding of the nature and consequences of discrimination in the workplace related to pregnancy, parental leave and return to work following parental leave. In particular, the Commission invites submissions from women who have experienced discrimination while pregnant, and women and men who experienced discrimination while on parental leave, and/or upon their return to work following parental leave.

The Commission invites submissions on the types of challenges you faced in the workplace while pregnant, on parental leave, or upon returning to work. We are also interested in understanding the consequences of such challenges for women and men, their families and careers, and examples of practices and strategies in the workplace that did or may have assisted in addressing these challenges.

Further information about the National Review can be found here

Note: Submissions received will ordinarily be made available on the Review’s website except for responses to Parts A and B which will not be published on the website. People wishing to make a confidential submission should make this clear at the time of lodgement and the Review will not publish those submissions. However, people should be aware that whilst every endeavour will be made to ensure confidentiality, there is a possibility that such submissions might be released in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 1992.

To protect other people’s privacy, when referring to other individuals please use a pseudonym (for example AB). Please also use a pseudonym for other organisations/businesses, as in some cases identifying details could lead to legal liability. Submissions that identify individuals or organisations, other than the person and organisation responding to the questionnaire, may not be published or may be published with those identifying details removed.

The Commission reserves a right not to publish a submission if it considers that it would be inappropriate to do so, that assessment being in the Commission’s ultimate discretion.

Further information concerning the publication of submissions and your obligations to third parties can be found here.