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Disability rights training

a young woman with short pink hair in a wheelchair at a work desk, holding a mobile phone.
  • Delivery mode: live workshop
    • Completion time: half-day workshop 
    • Delivered virtually to anywhere in Australia, or in-person in greater Sydney 
    • Cost: $3000 (+GST) per workshop   
    • Participant numbers: Min. 8 | Max. 20 
    • Facilitated by two of our expert trainers
  • Learning outcomes
    • Define disability
    • Examine the prevalence and diversity of disability in Australia
    • Summarise the history of disability rights in Australia
    • Distinguish between the medical, social and human rights models of disability
    • Describe the legislative framework surrounding disability rights and discrimination
    • Identify barriers to accessibility and inclusion experienced by people with disability
    • Explain steps to enhance accessibility and inclusion for people with disability
A man with Down Syndrome in an industrial working environment holding some paperwork and wearing a safety vest.
  • Delivery mode: free eLearning

    Completion time: 20 minutes 

    Click the next link to open the eLearning course in a new internet browser tab.

    Building a culture of accessibility and inclusion eLearning

  • Learning outcomes
    • Define disability
    • Outline the diversity of disability in Australia
    • Summarise the current context of disability and employment in Australia
    • Explain how disability discrimination can present in a workplace
    • Identify the benefits of employing people with disability 
    • Examine the role of leaders in building an accessible and inclusive workplace