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Sex Discrimination

Technology and workplace sexual harassment

The Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins says technology and online platforms present enormous opportunities to advance gender equality, however they can also be used to subject women to online harassment and abuse.

Commissioner Jenkins has hosted a workshop, as part of the Commission’s Human Rights and Technology conference, to discuss emerging issues around sexual harassment and abuse through technology.

Respect@Work – a focus on our profession

This paper considers the amendments to laws regarding workplace bullying and sexual harassment and the employer’s responsibility implementing recommendations of the Commission’s Respect@Work report (2020).

Parliament's improved workplace culture is an example for others

After years of headlines about the toxic workplace culture at Federal Parliament, codes of conduct will for the first time apply to all parliamentarians and staffers.

Commission welcomes parliament’s codes of conduct and improved workplace safety

The codes set standards of conduct for parliamentarians, staffers, and all other employees in parliamentary workplaces. They were endorsed by the Senate this morning and debated in the House, which is expected to also endorse them soon.

New workplace sexual harassment resources: Good practice indicators for employers, and guidelines on confidentiality clauses in settlements

The Respect@Work Council has published new guidelines on the use of confidentiality clauses in settling workplace sexual harassment cases, and good practice indicators to assist organisations prevent and respond to workplace sexual harassment.

National Press Club Address: Changing Laws, Changing Behaviours, Changing Lives

Speech by Australia's National Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Kate Jenkins, to the National Press Club on 30 November, 2022.  

Seeking Expressions of Interest for next Sex Discrimination Commissioner

The Sex Discrimination Commissioner is responsible for the promotion and advancement of rights on the grounds of sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, intersex status, and protected attributes in the Sex Discrimination Act 1984 (Sex Discrimination Act; full suite of functions conferred on the Commission is available at section 48).

Time for respect: One third of workers say they have experienced sexual harassment

The survey found that reporting of workplace sexual harassment remains alarmingly low, at only 18%. Women (41%) were far more likely than men (26%) to experience harassment, and more than three quarters of harassers were men (77%).

Time for respect: Fifth national survey on sexual harassment in Australian workplaces


Passage of ‘Respect@Work’ Bill is a major step in preventing harassment

The Bill creates a positive duty requiring employers to implement measures to prevent sexual harassment, sex discrimination and victimisation, and confers new regulatory powers on the Commission.