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Attracting and recruiting people with disability to your organisation

Disability Rights
Three people smiling and looking at a work plan together. From left to right: There is a man with dark skin and an earring, a woman with long black hair and another woman also with long dark hair, which is pulled back, who appears to have Down Syndrome.

The following guidance on questions has been adapted from the JobAccess, Interviewing People with Disability, guide.[11]

  • Employers can
    • Ask questions about how the candidate’s disability relates to doing the job and working safely
    • Ask how the workplace could be changed or improved to help the candidate do the job
    • Ask about how work hours or rosters could be changed to help the candidate perform better in the role
    • Ask questions about keeping the workplace safe for the candidate and everyone else
    • Ask the candidate whether they take any medications which might make it unsafe to perform any tasks involved in the role
    • Ask if there is any information or awareness training the candidate would like provided to their colleagues about their disability
  • Employers cannot
    • Ask personal questions about the candidate’s lifestyle or how they manage their disability
    • Ask the candidate general questions about their health or disability
    • Ask the candidate how many times per year they go to the doctor or what the doctor says to them in those appointments
    • Treat the candidate differently or less favourably because they have a disability
    • Ask the candidate whether they take lots of medication for their disability or illness
    • Tell others about the candidate’s disability without asking the candidate first