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SOGII Rights


Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity & Intersex Rights

Final report released 10 June 2015.

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Former Human Rights Commissioner, Tim Wilson, conducted consultations to explore key rights issues affecting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people in Australia.

These consultations were conducted through an online survey and email submission process. The online consultation period was supported by a number of targeted meetings and community forums with LGBTI groups, organisations and individuals across the country. The outcomes of this process informed the work of the Commissioner in the area of LGBTI rights over the remainder of his tenure.

The consultation process was held in parallel with the Rights & Responsibilities 2014 consultations, a national consultation about how effectively we protect people’s human rights and freedoms in Australia. The focus of the Rights & Responsibilities 2014 consultation was building understanding and improved protection of our fundamental human rights, freedoms and responsibilities.

Download SOGII Rights Snapshot Report Background Paper - PDF [613KB] (613.12 KB) Download SOGII Rights Snapshot Report Background Paper - Word [188KB] (188.88 KB) More information on Rights & Responsibilities 2014 - PDF [6.9MB] (6.91 MB)

Message from the former Commissioner

Tim Wilson, former Human Rights Commissioner

Tim Wilson, former Human Rights Commissioner

The perpetual task of improving openness to and acceptance of LGBTI people cannot be carried by one individual.

It requires everyone to make a contribution in their own way and in their own community.

This report will canvass the human stories of individuals doing excellent work on the ground, and often in challenging environments.

I look forward to your contribution to this consultation and subsequent reform.

Yours sincerely,
Tim Wilson

Former Human Rights Commissioner


Information from the consultation process informed the Resilient Individuals: Sexual Orientation Gender Identity & Intersex Rights report.

The report outlined key issues raised during the consultation process, identified best practice community based initiatives promoting SOGII rights, and set out recommendations to further advance the protection and promotion of SOGII rights in Australia.

The report aimed to:

  • enhance awareness of the key SOGII rights issues for civil society, with a focus on NGOs, service providers and business
  • enhance public awareness amongst government decision-makers of SOGII rights and options for reform
  • strengthen the capacity of stakeholders to effectively advocate for SOGII rights in Australia.

Submissions Received

The Commission received submissions from the following people and organisations.

  1. Darwin Community Legal Service
  2. Rainbow Territory
  3. Alastair Lawrie
  4. Banyule City Council
  5. Diversity Council Australia
  6. Organisation Intersex International Australia
  7. The Refugee Council of Australia
  8. Freedomb
  9. LGBTIQ Network of the National Association of Community Legal Centres
  10. South Australian Equal Opportunity Commission
  11. ACON
  12. Scarlet Alliance, Australian Sex Workers Association
  13. Penelope Rumble
  14. Black Rainbow Living Well Foundation
  15. Transgender Australia
  16. NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby
  17. Seahorse Victoria
  18. Marrickville Legal Centre
  19. The Royal Australian College of Physicians
  20. GRAI, GLBTI Rights in Ageing
  21. Melody Moore
  22. Victorian Equal Opportunity Commission
  23. Victorian Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby
  24. Human Rights Law Centre
  25. Dr Rosemary A Jones
  26. National LGBTI Health Alliance

We also received ten confidential submissions and five confidential case studies.