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Resources for employers

A woman of Indian descent walking through an office holding a tablet. She has a prosthetic leg.
people's hands encircling a disability icon

Creating an accessible and inclusive workplace

Learn about creating an accessible workplace, including the physical space, technology, workplace attitudes, and making reasonable adjustments.

Customising a job for a person with disability

Information on the concept, elements and features of job customisation, the steps involved and the benefits of job customisation.

people sitting in a circle with laptops and notebooks, one of whom is in a wheelchair

Establishing a Disability Employee Network

Learn about Disability Employee Networks (DENs), their benefits and how to establish a successful DEN.

People in a staff meeting, communicating with sign-language

Creating accessible and inclusive communications

Establish employees’ communication needs, develop accessible, inclusive written communications and ensure access and inclusion during in-person and virtual meetings.

A person with Down Syndrome holds her hand up high-fiving colleagues in an office setting

Hosting accessible and inclusive in-person meetings and events

Information on ensuring meeting invites, venues, proceedings and catering are accessible and inclusive to all attendees. 

A person in an online meeting uses sign language to communicate with the other participants

Hosting accessible and inclusive online meetings and events

Discover ways to prepare for, host, participate and follow-up on online meetings and events to ensure they’re accessible and inclusive.

People sitting at a boardroom table, one of who is in a wheelchair

Creating an accessible and inclusive induction

Practical steps to create an accessible and inclusive induction before an employee starts, as well as on their first day, week, month and beyond.

Three people smiling and looking at a workplan together, one of whom has Down Syndrome

Attracting and recruiting people with disability to your organisation

How to attract people with disability to your organisation through organisational values, and ways to proactively connect with candidates with disability.

Person with a prosthetic limb, picking tomatoes at a farm

Disability and employment in Australia

The facts on education, employment and discrimination for Australians with disability.

A blue jigsaw piece of a blue bust is fitted into the puzzle amongst other grey pieces

The economic and business benefits of employing people with disability

Learn about the benefits of employing people with disability for businesses, organisations and the economy.

A pesron sits in a wheelchair giving a presentation at a whiteboard

Targeted Recruitment of people with disability

Ways to target the recruitment of people with disability, or a particular disability, into businesses and organisations.

A person with a prosthetic limb sits smiling as they look at their eTablet
A person with Down Syndrome smiles and looks over the top of their work laptop to chat with a colleague.