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Disability Rights

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Know your disability rights

Disability rights ensure the protection and promotion of human rights and fundamental freedoms for people with disability, including the right to equality and non-discrimination, participation and inclusion in society, autonomy and accessibility.

Learn more about disability rights.

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The Disability Discrimination Act

On the playing field and online, at work and at home, on public transport, shopping or at a festival, the Disability Discrimination Act protects, supports, and benefits individuals and communities.

Explore the Disability Discrimination Act.

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About making a complaint

The Disability Discrimination Act allows you to make a complaint and get fair treatment at work, school, home, public places or accessing services and products.

Find out how to make a complaint.

An open guidebook


We issue (non-legally binding) guidance and advice to assist people and organisations to avoid discrimination and meet their responsibilities under the legislation.

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Disability Rights Training

Gain a deeper awareness of disability rights, and useful inclusion strategies and tools in the workplace and daily life.

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Resources for job-seekers and employees

We've put together a collection of tools and resources for people with disability seeking employment, progressing their career or considering self-employment.

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Resources for employers

Explore our tools and resources to increase meaningful opportunities for people with disability and close the gap in workforce participation.

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IncludeAbility: Equality at work

The IncludeAbility initiative supports people with disability seeking employment, developing a career or considering self-employment, and employers who want to create meaningful employment opportunities for people with disability.

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Disability publications

Search or browse our comprehensive collection of reports, brochures and factsheets relating to disability.

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Standards & Guidelines

The Disability Discrimination Act is supplemented by a series of (legally binding) Disability Standards and Guidelines. These provide more detail on rights and responsibilities about equal access and opportunity for people with a disability.

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Disability Action Plans

'DAP's are designed to encourage, recognise and promote an active commitment to eliminating disability discrimination and to promote the recognition of the rights of people with disability.

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Accessible Housing Project

Through the Accessible Housing Project, the Commission aims to address the gap between the limited supply of accessible housing, and the demand that exists from people with disability.