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Dr William Jonas speaking at the launch of Isma - Listen
Members of the audience at the launch of Isma - Listen
Ms Rawan Abdul-Nabi, youth representative on the Isma reference group, speaking at the launch of Isma - Listen
Members of the reference group at the launch of Isma - Listen

A project aimed at eliminating prejudice against
Arab and Muslim Australians was launched by acting Race Discrimination
Commissioner Dr Bill Jonas in Sydney on 21 March 2003 to coincide with
the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

Isma - Listen: National consultations
on eliminating prejudice against Arab and Muslim Australian
aims to restore and maintain harmony in the Australian community at a
time when negative feelings against these groups may arise.

The project aims to:

  • Enhance public awareness about Arab and Muslim Australians;
  • Encourage opinion leaders and community organisations to
    demonstrate solidarity with Arab and Muslim Australians against racist
  • Ensure that Arab and Muslim Australians, and other targets
    such as Sikhs, are not isolated but can continue to participate fully
    in society;
  • Empower communities to 'speak back' to ensure that Arab
    and Muslim Australians are heard on issues affecting them;
  • Ensure that complaints about discrimination and vilification
    are treated seriously;
  • Challenge vilification, discrimination and stereotyping.

To address these objectives, the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity
Commission will consult with federal, state and territory government agencies
and Arab and Muslim communities across Australia. To ensure consultations
are comprehensive, the Commission has employed a Community Liaison Officer,
Omeima Sukkarieh, and appointed a reference group of relevant representatives

  • Al Zahra Islamic Council
  • Australian Arabic Communities Council
  • Australian Arabic Council
  • Australian Federation of Islamic Councils
  • Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous
  • Islamic Women's Welfare Council of Victoria
  • Maronite Catholic Diocese of Australia
  • Multicultural Affairs Queensland
  • Muslim Women's National Network of Australia
  • NSW Police Service
  • NSW Department of Education & Training
  • SA Equal Opportunity Commission
  • United Muslim Women's Association
  • WA Office of Multicultural Interests

Senior journalist Christopher Kremmer, media personality
John Doyle (aka Roy Slaven) and independent youth representative,
Rawan Abdul - Nabi, complete the group.

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Meetings and consultations (with notes
where available)

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