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A man of colour participating in a zoom meeting. He is signing to the other 9 participants.
Disability Rights


IncludeAbility is a national project led by Australia’s Disability Discrimination Commissioner, Dr Ben Gauntlett, which aims to increase access to meaningful employment opportunities for people with a disability.

A young man is sitting in an armchair patting a dog. He is wearing prosthetic lower legs.
Disability Rights

Accessible Housing Project

One of Commissioner Gauntlett’s term goals is to increase access to accessible housing for people with disability.
Disability Rights

Assistance animals and the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (Cth)

It ’s widely recognised that some people with disability require support services and assistive technology to facilitate their active participation in public life and for personal activities. The types of support that can be provided can come from a range of sources, including by trained and skilled...
motor scooter
Disability Rights

Mobility Scooters in Registered Clubs

This paper aims to start a discussion about mobility scooters (scooters) and their use within and around Registered Clubs (the Clubs). It has been produced as part of a project initiated by a partnership between the RSL & Services Clubs and the Australian Human Rights Commission.
Paralympian and PWD NSW member Mr Alan Sargent boards an accessible bus
Disability Rights

Transport accessibility

Learn how the Australian Human Rights Commission creates accessibility guidelines for public transport, including planes, trains, buses and taxis.
Disability Rights

Access to tertiary education materials: Papers from 2002 HREOC forum

Access to tertiary education materials: Papers from participants in HREOC forum Some of these papers have been converted by HREOC to HTML for ease of access. Others which our software does not appear to convert fully accurately remain in the formats submitted by participants. Please advise us by...
Photo: last will
Disability Rights

Living wills

About the Commission's work on "living wills", or advance directives, and their potential in the mental health area.