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Submissions received for 'Striking the Balance'

Submissions received for 'Striking the Balance'

The Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission has received more than 180 submissions in response to the Striking the Balance: Women, men, work and family discussion paper.


The Commission publishes these submissions without modification for public information and to facilitate comment. The submissions may contain errors and their publication does not represent any finding by the Commission about the matters contained in them.


Submission No.
1 Dan Ahern
2 Maurice Mok
3 Kay Pearson
4 Phil Jones (PDF 394KB)
5 Confidential
6 J S Kempster (PDF 311KB)
7 Carol Cunningham
8 Jenny Smith (PDF 164KB)
9 Tanya Fane
10 Ruth Wells (PDF 203KB)
11 Confidential
12 Beverly Puls (PDF 156KB)
13 Julie Blyth (PDF 131KB)
14 Sydney for Kids
15 Johnny Ruigo (PDF 1.34MB)
16 Julia (PDF 668KB)
17 Graham Buckby
18 Confidential
19 Lone Fathers Association Australia (PDF 38MB)
20 Emma Hawkes
21 Christopher Newell
22 Peter Steindl
23 Far North Fathers
24 The Memucan Institute
25 Confidential
26 Amanda Luxmoore (PDF 55KB)
27 Harry Levy (PDF 299KB)
28 Audrey McDonald (90KB)
29 John S. Smyth (PDF 1.45MB)
30 Joan Garvan (PDF 3.69MB)
31 Confidential
32 Karl Tietze

Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy

34 Leonie Bloomfield
35 Confidential
36 Confidential
37 Rebecca Fowles
38 Job Watch Inc
39 Confidential
40 COTA National Seniors Partnership
41 Ann Villiers (PDF 397KB)
42 Anne Stewart
43 Natalie Smith
44 NSW Equal Employment Opportunity Practitioners' Association Inc (PDF 275KB)
45 National Council of Jewish Women of Australia (PDF 350KB)
46 Centre for Women's Studies and Gender Research, Monash University
47 Noel Wilson (PDF 287KB)
48 Confidential
49 Metaira Pty Ltd
50 Families Australia
51 Brett Goyne
52 Kathryn Moon
53 Nadine Zacharias
54 Andrea Hardwick
55 Deb Hart
56 Margaret Williams (PDF 104KB)
57 Confidential
58 Bob Hodgson
59 Women's Electoral Lobby Cairns (PDF 71KB)
60 Carers Australia
61 Confidential
62 Queensland Council of Social Service Inc
63 Women's Health Victoria (PDF 44KB)
64 Maurice Salomone
65 Natalie Morton (WORD 44KB)
66 Australian Medical Association (WORD 159KB)

Police Federation of Australia

68 David Wilkes

WomenSpeak Network

70 K Lee Adams (WORD 34KB)
71 Shop Distributive and Allied Employees' Association (WORD 173KB)
72 National Council of Women NSW (WORD 445KB)
73 Country Women's Association of NSW (WORD 52KB)
74 Pan Pacific and South East Asia Women's Association Australia Incorporated (WORD 145KB)
75 Confidential
76 Disability Council of NSW (WORD 81KB)
77 Working Carers Support Gateway (WORD 148KB)
78 Confidential
79 Glenda Sinclair-Gordon
80 Suzanne Zahra
81 Men's Information and Support Centre (PDF 381KB)
82 Jasna Hadzimejlic (WORD 114KB)
83 Anna Chapman (WORD 37KB)
84 Trevor Shell

Women's Action Alliance


National Council of Single Mothers and their Children Inc

87 Confidential
88 Kathryn Pollard
89 Volunteering Australia (WORD 118KB)
90 Community and Public Sector Union (PDF 99KB)
91 Australian Bahai Community (WORD 120KB)
92 National Family Day Care Council of Australia (WORD 93KB)
93 YWCA Australia (PDF 391KB)
94 Department of Employment and Workplace Relations (PDF 216KB)
95 Victorian Women Lawyers (PDF 322KB)
96 Premier's Council for Women (SA) (WORD 247KB)
97 Kitten News

Sara Charlesworth

99 Jenny Chalmers and Trish Hill (WORD 45KB)
100 UnitingCare Burnside (PDF 2.4MB)
101 Veronica Abbott (WORD 329KB)
102 Work + Family Policy Roundtable (WORD 164KB)
103 Confidential
104 People With Disability Australia (WORD 89KB)
105 Victorian Local Governance Association (PDF 68KB)
106 Belinda Smith (WORD 97KB)
107 Bronwen Burfitt (PDF 2.41KB)
108 Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists and Managers Australia (WORD 56KB)
109 Business and Professional Women Australia (WORD 294KB)
110 National Tertiary Education Industry Union (191KB)

Relationships Australia Inc

112 Women Lawyers' Association of NSW (PDF 148KB)
113 Jeanne Wells (WORD 45KB)
114 Marty Grace, Mary Leahy and James Doughney (WORD 69KB)
115 Women's Electoral Lobby Australia (WORD 131KB)
116 Emily Lewis

ACT, NT, Qld,ACT, WA and SA Human Rights, Equal Opportunity and Anti-discrimination agencies (joint submission)

118 Queensland Independent Education Union (WORD 118)

Australian Education Union

120 Law Institute of Victoria Strong (PDF 23KB)
121 Diversity Council Australia Limited (WORD 67KB)

Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

123 Paul Whyte (WORD 32KB)
124 mensplace (WORD 171KB)
125 Equal Opportunity Commission Victoria (WORD 215KB)
126 Government of Western Australia (PDF 599KB)
127 Confidential
128 Third Year Honours Students, Work and Organisational Studies, School of Business, University of Sydney (PDF 232KB)

Australian Women's Coalition

130 Confidential
131 Confidential
132 Confidential
133 Confidential
134 Confidential
135 Confidential
136 Confidential
137 Confidential
138 Confidential
139 Confidential
140 Confidential
141 Confidential
142 Confidential
143 Confidential
144 Confidential
145 Confidential
146 Confidential
147 Confidential
148 Confidential
149 Confidential
150 Confidential
151 Confidential
152 Confidential
153 Confidential
154 Confidential
155 Mark Dossetor
156 Angela Campbell (WORD 34KB)

Anne M and Jocasta Sibbel

158 Confidential
159 Independent Education Union of Australia (WORD 109KB)
160 Industrial Relations Victoria (PDF 1.45MB)
161 Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union (WORD 208KB)
162 Australian Industry Group ( WORD 245KB)

Australian Breastfeeding Association

164 Dianne McIntosh (WORD 1.10MB)
165 Charlotte Johnstone
166 Queensland Government (WORD 647KB)
167 UnionsWA (PDF 1.7MB)
168 Anonymous (PDF 166KB)

Peter S Cook

170 Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW (WORD 81KB)
171 Robert Mercer
172 Care For Kids Internet Services Pty Ltd (PDF 603KB)
173 Andrew King
174 Confidential
175 NSW Commission for Children and Young People (WORD 77KB)
176 Shona Guilfoyle

National Carers Coalition

178 Elwyn Ingley
179 Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (WORD 122KB)

Department of Employment and Workplace Relations - Supplementary


Peter S Cook - Supplementary




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